We have had a great experience with the K-W Montessori School.

Our daughter has made great connections with her teachers and peers it will be sad to say good-bye! We will miss the warm and inviting environment as we enter the public system.” Jody Thornback 

Wonderful Memories

“Our daughter is doing fantastic at Keatsway! Her transition was excellent. She has wonderful memories of K-W Montessori School.”

Parent of Grade 8 Student (Attended Montessori up to Grade 6)

“Just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s report card came this week with a 79.5 % average…she is doing very, very, well and we are so proud of her…any worries I had about adapting to public school are vanquished…she is in the process of choosing her courses for high school.”

Real Estate Alumni in His 20’s

“I clearly remembered I had spent an amazing time there learning the basic life skills that I am using today as well as the kind and amazing staff of teachers.”

Robyn, Mother of child, Age 4, attending Casa Program

“As parents we chose Montessori because it provides an extension of the values our daughter learns at home. She is guided through a learning structure that fosters a sense of autonomy in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Suzanne & Richard, Parents of two children, Ages 6 and 4 One child in Casa Program and the other in Elementary Program

“We chose Montessori for our children because of the hands on learning methods. We like the small class sizes and how children are being taught to respect their teachers, peers and the environment in which they are in.”

Steve, Father of child Age 3, attending Casa Program

“My child will return to Montessori next year because I have seen a substantial increase in her independence and she has acquired skills and knowledge that my older child, attending public school, did not demonstrate at that age.”

Sharon, Mother of 2, Ages 5 and 2, both attending Casa Program

“My older child is very active and I was concerned that he would not thrive in a public school, where there is a higher student-teacher ratio and where roaming in the classroom would be frowned upon. The Montessori program offers so much to him- the freedom to learn and move in.”

Natasha, mother of 2 children, one in Casa and one in elementary

“We initially didn’t even think of sending our kids to private school and only started Montessori for our first daughter as an alternative to daycare. However, when we saw how she was learning so many things at a very progressive pace for a child her age we were very impressed.”

Reasons for choosing our school? • We’ve heard wonderful things about the school, and strongly believe that the Montessori program will help our daughter develop confidence, problem solving skills and independence. – Michelle

We chose K-W Montessori to give our child a chance to grow and learn while feeling confident and successful. The small class sizes and flexibility of work choice are important to us. We feel this atmosphere will spark curiosity and nurture a love of learning. – Sarah

Reputation, progress and experience – Christian

• Smaller classes, individual learning plans, integrated subjects of both traditional and life skills-Lindsay

We feel Montessori will give more focused and individualized learning opportunities. We like the very hands on components of the curriculum. – Cindy

The wonderful community and the low child to teacher ratios, as well as the Montessori philosophy. Tara

• In comparison to other tours in the region, this one made us feel most comfortable. The deep roots in the community, knowledge of the staff, the general vibe of the school is what we were seeking. – Danielle • Small classes, individual attention, Montessori style learning. – Sara • Reputation, method of learning, more individual guidance. – Kate • He has been extremely happy the last two school seasons. Made great progress. – Gregory

Teaching structure and environment of learning. – Victoria Your teachers are amazing. They manage to keep a warm, friendly atmosphere and personal relationship with each child while expecting respect and challenge the children to their best work. We love you guys! – Angelina

Our daughter loves her school, we love you guys. We can see everyday how passionate you are and how much you care. We love our little school community! – Klaus

Love Montessori! Love the teachers and my son loves going to school every day. Our son’s teacher is the reason my son attends Montessori. My older son did very well during his three years and the Montessori program set him up for success going into grade 1, 2 and 3. The environment that you all have created at K-W Montessori school is wonderful. Our daughter’s teacher has been a rock for our family, helping to create a social and academic foundation for our girls. We continue to be very happy with our experience. Our youngest daughter will start next fall as our middle daughter completes her final year of Casa. Thank you for your dedication and genuine care you show for our kids. – Marissa

Our son’s development has been incredible not only academically but also social and personal growth, independence and self-esteem. Thank you to all the teachers for all they have done. – Pamela

Our daughter enjoyed her time at K-W Montessori. Both teachers were caring, professional and exhibit passion for teaching. In general, the level of education at K-W Montessori is excellent. Keep up the good work! Big thank you to the teacher. – Megan

We are very impressed with how the teachers are not only knowledgeable but how they care and strategize on how to help the whole child. – Meta

We are very happy with K-W Montessori School. It gives us such incredible peace of mind to know that our daughter is cared for and that she feels like she truly belongs to your school community. It has been amazing to watch her learn and grow and to see her achieve things we didn’t even think were possible at this early age. Thank you for seeing her potential not just her diagnosis. – Tara